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No hard sell, no products to buy, all you need is the desire to achieve it - got that already? then we are half way there!

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About me

Well they (whoever "they" is - anyone?), say you are as old as you feel so I'm 20. In truth all that matters really is when it comes to me, just realise that I'm just like you - a normal person.

I'm not a "fitness" freak who goes around running 5 miles a day (is that even possible? - dunno), I'm married with 2 kids, have a regular job that pays the bills but I also own this website. I put together this simple site to show the journey I've started and how you could do the same.

Like most people in life, life just gets in the way of many things and your health can so very easily be one of the first things that gets affected. The big problem is that so often you don't see it happen and before you know it, like me you've put on a shed and half in extra weight but don't even realise you've done it until it feels like it's too late to do anything about it.

That was me at the beginning of this year when I looked at the scales in the bathroom having not weighed myself in a very long time - nearly 16 stone. To say it was a wake up call was putting it mildly and I realised that I needed to take a very hard long look at myself and work out how I'd got to this point.

Once I'd realised what was causing the issue I was in a position to make some changes and you can too - and that is what this website is about.


Yeah, but This is gonna cost me isn't it! - whats the catch?

No catch, hard sell, buy these pills blah blah

Honestly - I'm not going to write a ton of words and encourage you to follow a special diet that just requires this extra powder that you need to buy. I not going to give you a teaser of what's to come.... and then ask for a little cash for the last bits. Why should I - this cost nothing for me to do, why should it cost you?

Nope - I got sick of seeing so many other web sites and adverts with "miracle, OMG! I lost 200 stone in an hour" cures that promise the earth but then after wasting your time telling you how great they were, they then wanted to bleed you dry financially to find out how to actually do it.

Hopefully you will read the tips and thoughts I've put down here and, like me, follow them through - because if you do, there's a very good chance you'll feel all the better for it.

As this websites name implies there are at least 6 steps involved - but that doesn't mean there's loads to remember. In fact some of them are simply life style changes that once you have started you won't even really notice what you are doing differently.

Anyway - enough chit chat - shall we begin?

Get Started! - Step 1

Step 1 - Change You...

You've probably tried all sorts of ways to loose the extra baggage you carry, god knows I have. Gym? - tried em, not for me and running - yep, tried that and I enjoyed it (to a point) - but my body quickly let me know that perhaps long term, this wasn't my bag.

Watching loads of videos on youtube might (or might not) inspire you but the reality is that most of us WANT the effects of doing all the work but don't actually WANT put the effort in to achieve it.

And thats the problem - the simple fact is that unless you WANT to loose the weight - it's not going to happen, so the desire to do it is the 1st hurdle you must jump. And when I say desire I mean 100% right in it feet first and out of your depth kind of commitment.

One of the biggest reasons people fail at loosing weight is down to lack of commitment and your attitude towards the process effectively sets out if you are ever going to succeed. Your mental state plays a huge role in this. I suddenly came to the realisation that I was "comfort" eating - a way of dealing with the stresses of modern day life was to just eat stuff that in reality I didn't need.


Step 2 - EAT! ( yes, well sort of )

Step 2 - Your going to eat that?, now?

You've seen all the guides - a guy should eat this many calories, women this etc.

Thats fine, but understand this simple process - how many calories you (yes you!) need in a day is TOTALLY dependant on how much activity you spend during the day. Spending the entire day lazing around and doing very little physically places no real demands on your body so it's not going to want the calories you give it.

The simple rule is - if you eat more than your body needs, it will store the excess for when you do need it - and by "excess" you know what I'm talking about right...

So you need to alter your diet - or rather, EAT LESS than you are doing (and yes this is hard but its also possible to do if you help the process with the other steps I'll cover). And the key thing here is you don't have to change your diet (although clearly eating mountains of processed rubbish, chips, burgers (you get the idea) is NEVER going to be good for you. At the same time though I'm not saying you should completely stop eating them either. The key process to this step is simply to reduce the sheer amount of stuff you stuff into that hole in the front of your face.

Remember, eating more than you need = storing more than you need... and yes, that includes "snacks" - they all add to the pile...


Chocolate! - your gonna hate this (or maybe you won't)

Step 3 - Stop eating chocolate!

COME BACK! - no really, hear me out!

The simple fact is that chocolate is, simply put no good for you (but you knew that didn't you - didn't you?). Well OK, I've told a little lie - MILK chocolate is the devil all wrapped up in pretty packaging, dark chocolate on the other hand is a whole different bag.

It helps to just see milk chocolate for what it is - a lump of fat. If you eat it, your body will convert the sugars to fat and the fat is well, fat - unless your days activites are going to burn all that fat/sugar up, then you may as well unwrap the thing, melt it down and paste it onto your waste cos thats where it's heading...

Dark chocolate - he is "the one" - no not Neo (Matrix? - no, whatever), as it contains a ton of stuff that actually helps your body. But (sorry gramma police) not only does it contain loads of anti-oxidants (don't ask - you need em, they're good), it also helps kill off your craving for chocolate in the first place! As you probably know, dark chocolate tastes a trillion times different to milk, and it does take a little getting used to, but.... it calms down that little chocolate demon in your head that keeps demanding more!

Dark contains more of the key cocoa ingredients that gives your body the "hit" you crave when you eat chocolate but as they are more concentrated you don't (and you won't want to) eat as much of it - and THATS the crucial bit here. I'm not saying stop eating chocolate - just switch to a different type - oh and if you are going to switch, pick a good expensive one (it'll last you a while so it's worth the expense).


Exercise - OMG I said it!

Step 4 - Exercise! - sorry, but you are just going to have to!

Some people are geared for exercise, hell they are practically "wired" for it and that's fine - but many aren't.

Running is the thing that most people go for - its cheap (if you forget the cost of getting some proper shoes and your "outfit"), and you can do it almost any time.

However, it's been recently shown that spending ages running everywhere in reality isn't as effective for weight loss, as some simple "hi impact" hi speed work out stuff.

And that's what you need to try - forget wasting an hour running around like a loon (in this day and age who has the time?)

I've put together a very simple easy to remember routine that you need to do ideally every day if you can - and yes, I know that life often has a way of destroying your plans but seriously - are you telling me you can't spare 6 (yes SIX!) minutes a day... !

There is a spectaular reason why you should do the exercise routine I've laid down here. If you strengthen your stomach, it will in turn keep things inside you compacted so you will find that when it comes to reducing what you eat, this will be easier - you just won't want to eat as much as normal.


Lemons - yes, those yellow things

Step 5 - Yellow is good, lemons are too!

I came across this particular gem while surfing the net so i'm not going to take any credit for it as it's clearly been around for a long time - but drink lemons.

What this means is - get yourself a good slice of lemon - like a finger thick, chuck it in a mug and hose the thing in boiling water. Now I'll say it right now - it's most definitely something you will need to get used to if you've never done this before as you are after all drinking diluted citric acid!

TIP 1: When I first started doing this, I got some good quality honey and mixed in a teaspoon (sometimes a little more if I was feeling naughty) into it - not to add the honey flavour as such but more for the sweetness. If you want to do this, then go ahead but you should only look on this as a way of getting used to taste of the drink - sugar = calories remember so reduce the honey part down as much as you can until you don't need it.

So why do this anyway! - why stick such a sharp tasting fruit in a mug and drink the stuff? - are you mad!

Well the reason is that lemons contain a whole load of good stuff that actually help your body make better use of the food that you eat - so this is a 100% natural aid to controlling your food intake. Once you are used to it - try actually squeezing the slice and breaking the fruit segments with a sharp knife (the more of it that gets out into your drink the better).

TIP 2: wait until it's cooled before you drink it - and use a straw, as being loaded with natural acids your teeth will not like you in the slightest if you repeatedly expose them to it...


Treats! - seriously!

Step 6 - Treats aren't earned, eat them when you want

Don't in the slightest feel guilty about eating something loaded to the gills with stuff that afterwards you might think, "shouldn't have eaten that". Don't worry and don't punish yourself thinking that you then need to make up for it by starving yourself for a week! (that would be very silly).

The main point here is to think about HOW MUCH you are eating overall and to recognise that perhaps when you'd normally just munch through a plate load of fries without even thinking about it, that having just a few is fine (hell even more than a few) - but you are aiming to loose the fat remember, and those fries are in the way of that. It's up to you just how much "in the way" you'd like them to be.

Don't start keeping records of how many calories you've eaten and using it as a guide as to if you should eat something or not - it will become such an utter pain in the ass that you'll quickly stop doing it, and then things will start to go south. And what if you forget / loose your "records" ? - you can end up relying on such a system too much so it's very easy to fail at it. All you need to do is keep a mental note - "ok, i'm starving - what's for lunch... don't need something big, I've pigged on stuff this morning already".

Try and keep the eating of "sweet" things down as much as you can - remember that sweet = fat = on your body if you don't burn it off. Falling down and shoving cake in your face is totally OK as long as you only do it rarely. And by that I mean with a week or two's break in between - but don't make a point of having a "cake" day either! And if you do one day fall off the wagon and land face first in a cake, just remember to think about that cake when you are hungry later and decide just how much you should eat... and do your exercise to help deal with it!

Having said all this - remember that at the end of this process when you are at a weight where you feel "this is it - I'm there", don't feel any guilt about stuffing yourself silly. You've earned the right to go crazy every now and then - and people will wonder just how the hell can you look that good when you eat that much! (which of course you don't, normally)


Step 7 - quick, slow down!

Step 7 - Snails pace is where it's at - take your time!

Don't watch ever you do start these steps all together - it's pretty much a done deal that you will end up giving up.

You will need to bring them in gradually and some of them take a little time to get used to.

When it comes to the exercise routine - take your time and build into it slowly. Don't try and go crazy right from the off because your feeling "inspired" - thats a great way to hurt yourself and then a long time wasted while to wait to recover.

You need to give your body the chance to adjust to the changes you are making. Take is as a given that there will be times when you start this that you wonder - oh stuff it, I just be bothered and this is totally OK. Just carry on when you feel able to - but remember that the more of these steps that you do, and the more frequently that you do them the easier it will become for you to find the motivation to do them more often.

Rome was not built in a day - and neither were you (it took 9 months), so piling on the pounds didn't either and loosing the excess you have won't either - this is a journey and don't expect instant results. I will say this though - as long as you are committed and stick to the routine - even with times where you "lapse", you should see and feel some form of change in around 1 month or so. If you want faster results then of course there are ways. But you've tried them already haven't you - and yet here we are talking....

When it comes to the little exercise routine I've put down - remember this if you forget any part of it - take your time and do not overdo things. Don't try and do 20 press ups right from the start if you've never done one in your life before. Use some common sense - start with 1 (yes, really ONE!) - then go for 2, building up to 5 for the first week / 2 weeks. After that try and increase to 10 for a bit until you feel "ya, know - i recon I could do another easy" and it's all plain sailing from that point. The same is true of all the stages in the routine - take you time and don't rush as this could mean you hurting yourself. Always listen to your body and the moment something feels wrong, hurts or feeling comes over you that something isn't right - STOP!


6 minutes of your day..

Should be like this

So here's the exercise routine that I do - nothing complicated, you need nothing more than your own body (oh ipod/phone/headphones etc also but that's totally up to you), plus a stop watch of some kind. If you can view your computer/laptop/phone screen while doing it... then I've a special page for you !

This routine should take around 6 minutes or so to do - but really it's about what you do and giving it your all when you do it.

My Routine

Step 1
Star Jumps (do 5)

Do a few but not loads, say 5 - something to tell your body you need it to get its ass into gear, there's work to be done!

Step 2
Walking (1 MIN)

Start walking around the room/yard/where ever you are at a fast pace - walk like you mean business! (it's ok to stop for walls/turn around etc.)

Step 3-4
Gentle Jog (3 MINS)

Speed up from walking into a light jog, to keep your heart rate up but not reduce you to a breathless sack of rubbish that's no good for anything!

Step 3-4
Hi Impact (3 times)

While you are jogging, every 40-50 seconds stop and then run on the spot as fast as you can for 10 seconds, then carry on with your gentle jog.

Step 5
Plank! (1 MIN)

You should be out of breath now - but still with us!, drop to the floor and do a "plank" for as long as you can - aim to get to a minute.

Step 6
Push Ups! (AIM FOR 10)

Never done em?, never mind ! - start small and work up, and try and go for 10 if you can. Aim to get to 20 - heck even one is better than none!....

Step 7
REST! - You've earned it

And thats it folks - this routine should take you around 6 minutes to do. Seriously, can you NOT set 6 minutes of your ENTIRE DAY aside for this...?

Doing More
Of course

Do what you can and build it up slowly - don't rush anything, take your time. (I couldn't plank for more than 10 seconds when I started!)


I'm saying thanks!

For reading this far and hopefully I've inspired you a little to make changes to your life that will improve it no end.


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